Rocket Welcome to the
new generation of external storage

RocketFast. Simple. Portable. Elevate your storage experience to ultimate heights with Sabrent's smallest-ever portable SSD. Designed top to bottom from a high-grade Aerospace Aluminum Alloy, the Rocket NANO is the perfect combination of reliability, performance and design.

RocketTechnology Crafted to perfection The Rocket nano is individually crafted from high-grade Aerospace Aluminum Alloy using CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines for rigid durability. The high-grade Aluminum is designed to absorb the heat and protect the drive from over heating, ensuring a long life expectancy from your drive.

RocketCapacity We have you covered Whatever your needs are we have you covered with up to 2TB of storage and up to 1000MB/s no task is too big. 512GB 1TB 2TB

Rocket2.75in Length Width 1.15in Height 0.5in Weight 2,2oz Design Fits everywhere At only 2in tall and weighing just around 2 ounces, the Rocket NANO fits even in your smallest packet

Rocket Read/Write Speeds Rocket NANO - 1000 MB/s External SSD - 550 MB/s External HDD - 200 MB/s Speed Never slow down With USB 3.1 Gen2 interface, the Rocket nano provides transfer speeds of up to 1000MB/s, that'92s 9x faster than traditional external HDDs. Transfer and backup large-sized data files and 4K videos with in seconds.

RocketCable The Connection you Need The Rocket Nano is equipped with a USB Type-C to Type-C cable and a USB Type-A to Type-C cable.

RocketAwesome with Windows. Great for Mac. Designed to work with both Windows and Mac, so you can transfer data between almost any computer in the world. Awesome with Windows.
Great for Mac.

Rocket USB Type-C (PC) Rocket USB Type-C (Mac) Rocket USB Type-A (PC)

RocketColor Stand out with bold hues The Rocket NANO is available in six amazing colors: black, grey, blue, pink, red, gold. Chose the one that fuels your style and empowers your creativity.

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