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Windows 7 64 bit driver for serial cables. (SBT-USC1K, SBT-USC1M, CB-RS232, SBT-USC6K, SBT-USC6M)

Solution Works with:

Follow these steps:

1) Plug in the Cable
2) Then in the device manger delete/uninstall the device driver
3) Unplug the cable
4) In control panel under programs look for something called PL-2303 prolific. ( If you do not, install them from the link above called “windows7.exe”)
5) If you see that program listed there, plug the cable back in and look for a window like the ones in the pictures. Quickly select “ Skip obtaining driver software from Windows Update”

6) You cable should now be successfully installed.

If still unsuccessful, use this method below:

The driver for Windows 7 can be found at the link below along with the Installation instructions. Please be sure to read these through and follow the appropriate steps in order to get your device to work properly. Please confirm that you are set up correctly when this is complete.

Follow these steps:

1) Plug in the Cable
2) Then in the device manger delete/uninstall driver with the small check box selected
3) Unplug the cable
4) In control panel, uninstall a program that looks like PL-2303 prolific. Do not restart the computer yet.
5) Run the Driver Remover in the USBSERIALwin7 folder and then restart the computer.
6) When the computer starts back up Run the Windows7 installer also located in the USBSERIALwin7 folder.
7) After it installs then plug the cable back in. To get the unit working properly you must skip the step when windows searches update for drivers and only have the system search the preconfigured drive folders and should now be functioning correctly.

Skip_windows_driver_1.jpg Skip_windows_driver_1.jpg
Skip_windows_driver.jpg Skip_windows_driver.jpg

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