XTRM ROCKET Thunderbolt 3 External NVMe SSD

Rocket Fast. Simple. Portable. The Sabrent Rocket XTRM Thunderbolt 3 External NVMe SSD is the ultimate combination of speed and performance reliability! Requires Thunderbolt 3-equipped USB-C interface. PLEASE NOTE: Does NOT support USB-C connections that do not feature Thunderbolt 3.

RocketTechnology Crafted to perfection Perfect for video editing, content creation, or any other tasks that require additional storage space. Upgrade your Thunderbolt 3-equipped USB-C interface with the Sabrent Rocket XTRM SSD for a fast and reliable solution for typical use such as web browsing, email, casual gaming and video entertainment.

RocketCapacity 500GB We have you covered Whatever your needs are we have you covered with up to 2TB of storage and 2400+ MB/sec read and 2400+ MB/sec write no task is too big. 1TB 2TB

Rocket Read Speed Rocket XTRM - 2400+ MB/s External SSD - 550 MB/s External HDD - 200 MB/s Speed 2400+ MB/s Write MB/s Read 2400+ Never slow down The built in Thunderbolt 3 technology enables amazing speeds of up to 2400+ MB/sec read and 2400+ MB/sec write. No external power suply required!

RocketReliability Unmatched Reliability The Built in Thunderbolt 3 Technology and the Heat Dissipation Design allows for the ultimate combination of performance reliability and longer lifetime, and it can accommodate large files with spacious capacity and extreme speed performance.

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