Sabrent Data/Fax Modem 56K V.92 Motorola Chipset

Instantly turn your PC into voice phone, answer machine and fax machine! Supports V.92 connectivity at a data transfer rate up to 56 Kbps
Supports facsimile transmission and reception at a transfer rate up to 14.4 Kbps
The Sabrent SBT-MDMMOT is an internal modem connecting to your PC through a RS-11 cable.
It complies with V.92 standard and achieves a data transfer rate up to 56 Kbps for downloads and up to 48 Kbps for uploads.
Now, you can get online quicker as well as send e-mail and attachments faster.

SBT-MDMMOT also supports fax, voice and video protocols. With communication software, you can instantly turn your PC into a communication center, functioning as voice phone, fax machine and answering machine at the same time! In fax mode, it is capable of sending and receiving data up to 14.4 Kbps.

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