4-Port Compact Travel USB Charging Station (AX-UCFW)


  • Automatically adjust output power to keep balance at 12.5 Watt full load rating.
  • Supports fast charging that is compatible with most mobile devices.
  • Port 1 has a built-in smart chip to support iPad up to 2.4A.
  • Power connector folds in for an easy transport.
  • Has a built-in over current protection.

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AX-UCFW is a convenient charging station that connects to the wall socket and charge up to 4 devices simultaneously such as your iPad, iPod, PDA’s and Tablet PCs. It supports 4 port charging at DC 5V and 2.5 Amp with the total output at 12.5 Watt. Port 1 supports up to 2.4A while the remaining 3 ports each support a maximum of 1.0A at 5 Watt independently.


Travel USB Charger – A convenient travel companion
AX-UCFW is a convenient travel companion to accommodate your charging need on the road with the ability to charge multiple USB devices at once from one wall socket. With the foldable and wall mount design, it is easy to use and then tuck away while traveling. The unit is compatible with almost all USB devices that can be charged via USB ports in the market.
The idea of charging different devices with different charging units is now a history with this Sabrent charging station with a built-in smart chip that controls the current and flow into your iPad. The built-in over current protection ensures that your devices are protected against possible overflow of the current that could damage devices.
The charging station has 4 USB ports with Port 1 specifically designed to allow up to 2.4A at maximum 12.5W if necessary. Please note that a single device can take up the entire available 12.5W by itself. The unit will automatically balance out various devices connected at the full load rating of 12.5W.

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