• Description

    This Sabrent AD-LCD12 power adapter is a great way to replace an old or lost monitor cable. Works for most LCD monitors that require 6A or less.
    Input 100-240V, 50-60Hz (worldwide use)

  • Features

    Power Jack dimensions:

    Inner diameter – 2.5mm V
    Outer diameter – 5.5mm

    Partial Compatibility Chart

    Acer LCD Monitor:

    AC501, AC711, AC915, AF705, AL506, AL511, AL512, AL532, AL712, AL713, AL715, AL716, AL722, AL732, AL922

    AG Neovo LCD Monitor:

    F-415, F-417, AF-419, M-15, S15T, S15V, S-17, S-18, S-19, X-174, X-215

    BenQ LCD Monitor:

    FP2081, FP450, FP547, FP553, FP557, FP563, FP567, FP581, FP581, FP591, FP731, FP747, FP751, FP767, FP791, FP855, FP991

    Megavision LCD Monitor:

    Hitachi MV140, MV151, MV170, MV171, MV173

    ADI LCD Monitor:

    A2304, A500, A5000, A501, A502, A505, A700, A701, A704, A707, A904, I600, I610, MJ15, MJ175, MX15, S500

    Action LCD Monitor:

    All Models

    AOC LCD Monitor:

    LM520, LM720, LM729, LM800, LM914

    Batesias LCD Monitor:

    BALT15, BALT17S, BT-1711, CL-150P, V171RTNRA, V171RUXRA, V171RUXRSA, V172RTNRA, V175RUXRA, V175RUXRSA, VMT201-1-D

    COMPAQ LCD Monitor:

    LCDs with a power rate at 12v, 6A, 72 watt or below

    CTX LCD Monitor:

    P922E, PV500BT, PV505B, PV520, PV5500B, PV700, PV700B, PV720, PV720A, PV7201, PV722E, PV722I, PV740MDV, PV910MD, PV910MDB, S500

    Envision LCD Monitor:

    EN-5100, EN-5200, EN-7100S, EN-7500, EN-8100E, EN-9110

    FMI LCD Monitor:

    All Models

    GEM LCD Monitor:

    GL-500A, GL-556A, GL-70FA, GL-822A, GL-715A, GL-812A, GL-821A, GL-822, GL-822A, GL-150L, GL-180TUA, GL-1821A, GL-190Z2, GL-1920A, GL-1920B, GL-1920S, GL-JT166S, GL-L17AAM, GL-T2315U

    NESO LCD Monitor:

    LD500, LD500V, LD530, LD700V, LD730, V700, V700D

    PLANAR LCD Monitor:

    PL120, PL150, PL170, PL170M, PL171M, PL190, PL190M, PL191M, PL191, PX171M, PX191

    PRELUDE ADI LCD Monitor:


    PROVIEW LCD Monitor:

    PL566, PL766, PL866, PL966, PRO758

    SAMPO LCD Monitor:

    PD-40FA11, PD-40FA11M, P5011MS, P504M, P507M, PD-70FA16, PD-70FA26M, PD-70FA56 P7011MS, P702M, P707M, P704M, P705, PD-80A11, P902M

    SLIMAGE LCD Monitor:

    100D, 100DWHI, 180TUA, 1920A, 200A, 400A, 401MSR, 510A, 610A, 710A, 821A

    TATUNG LCD Monitor:


    US LOGIC LCD Monitor:

    LT15A, PV1710, and all other LCD monitors

    VIEWSONIC LCD Monitor:

    Q170, Q170B, VE150, VE170

    HITACHI LCD Monitor:

    LCDs with a power rate at 12v, 6A, 72 watt or below

    KDS LCD Monitor:

    KDS Radius RAD-5, KDS Radius Rad-7c, KDS Radius Rad-9P

    Mitsubishi LCD Monitor:

    Mitsubishi DV150

    Princeton LCD Monitor:

    Senergy 2081, Senergy 561, Senergy 561, Senergy 561, Senergy 751, Senergy 850, Senergy 981

    Radius LCD Monitor:

    Radius RAD-5, Radius Rad-7c, Radius Rad-9P, SYS-180TUA

  • What's in the box?

    LCD power supply
    AC power cord