Note: If you clone a disk with a windows operating system this device will only work on this
computer or a PC with an identical chipset and RAID controller

Follow these steps to clone your disk to a Sabrent storage device:

1)  Let’s start by Turning on your computer

3)  Install the software by double-clicking on the installation file

4)  Connect the destination drive to an available USB port on your computer

5)  Run Acronis True Image for Sabrent

Click “Clone Disk” on the Tools menu of the home screen

6)  Use the automatic cloning option which is the simplest and recommended method

7)  Select the source disk and click “Next”

8)  Select the destination disk and click “Next” to continue and confirm the deletion of all partitions on the destination Hard Disk

9)  Click “Proceed” to start disk cloning

10)  You can opt to restart or shut down the Computer when the operation is completed

If you clone a disk with an operating system please shut down your PC, detach the old disk and insert the new one

Please do not boot your system with two identical disks, one of your systems will become unbootable

11)  Turn on your computer, now you can use your new hard drive!

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